What is the plan? I don’t believe in God so its looking like I have to pull my finger out and get my shit together. I used to think that there was some kind of divine plan and  some things were just meant to be, there is really no point trying to control something that is just going to happen anyway so lets go with the flow!

Well that flow is proving to be a whole load of bullshit, poisoning my thought processes, tarnishing opportunities and well just plain screwing me right over. I am sat here tonight having a bit of a word with myself

Me: Today I am not going to have a drink because I’ve got this, I even wrote about it this morning so yes I am in control

Dark me: But this could be a winner, think about it if we can find a really good reason why you should have a bottle of wine tonight then its ok.

I am now actively engaged in this mental debate, is a couple of glasses really going to do any harm?

And so it goes on and on and on

Its so tiring this argument especially because I know that I am in charge of the plan so I have to get my big girl pants on and bloody deal with this


My 100th day 1! — soberjourneys

I have decided yet again to begin again at day 1 and dip my toe into the wonderful world of blogging, of which I know nothing about so this will be an interesting journey I am sure haha! I drink, a lot, everyday, and then some more. I used to think it was just me […]

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